Celebrating Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week (14th – 21st March 2011) is the global campaign to increase public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research.  This year there are 3 events to celebrate and mark Brain Awareness Week in Dubai.

The first event organized by The Brain & Learning created the opportunity for many parents, educators and learners to connect with 3 prominent thinkers in the field of Mind, Brain and Education via live webcasts/ video link.  Professor Kurt Fischer, the director of Mind, Brain & Education program at Harvard Graduate School of Education, addressed some neuromyths and their implications in our every day lives.  Professor Todd Rose highlighted 3 key messages from the latest neuroscience research: variability, context and goal orientation.  He has very generously made available to the public 5 videos that are a great introduction to the brain, as well as his Education Neuroscience course videos and slides (a course he teaches at Harvard Graduate School of Education), in an attempt to raise awareness about the implications and applications of neuroscience to education.  And Tanya Mitchell, the Vice President of Research and Development for Learning Rx explored the science behind cognitive training (brain training).

You can access all the resources from the talk on our website:  http://www.thebrainandlearning.com/BAW_Talk_Resources.html

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